2D Concept arts and Game art

Brawl Night

This is a project folder containing the artwork (logo, concept arts) for Brawl Night a beat'em up game. Click to open the project.

Domed Colony

This is a sci-fi/horror/survival book cover that I did for a client.

Fairy Eyes

This is a concept art for one of the ingredients in the Soveigh game.

Libo Bingo

Libo Bingo is a current game that I have been employed to do all the assets for the past 4 years. I did all the reskinning of the previous version and I am currently developping new mini-games. I also do the art direction and the promotional materials.

Evil eyes

This is an early concept art for an evil fairy, but the character was cut from the game.


This tree character concept art was made for Solveigh the Game that we did in a school project.

Firefighter of the Dead

This is a concept art that I did for school where we had to create a zombie fighter in work clothings. You can see the evolution of the concept from black and white thumbnails to a final colored art piece.

Era final scene

This concept represents the end fight of a school game project where the avatar gets in the throne room to confront the invading alien queen.


I'm a description. Click

Meta Cowboy

This is a game benchmark image for a school project. It's a steampunk kind of a sci-fi battle between robots and native for the ressources of the world.

Galactic Moon Gladiator

This is a photobash and digital painting that I did for a school project.


This is a 2D shootem'up mobile game for Bitoxic.

Break an Egg

This is a personal 2D mobile game, a puzzle type of game where I did all the assets and the basic game concept.


NPC is a university project, where I add to provide assets for both the UI, the characters and the marketing items.


Electron is a cool game where you build and conquer territories. I did all the visual assets and the marketing items. This also was for an university project.

Jerry The Last mini Unicorn

Jerry the last mini Unicorn is a 2D platformer that I did during the 2017 edition of the Pixelles.ca incubator. During 6 weeks I created the game design, music, 2d assets and the programming of the game for one complete and playable level that is available at : https://gab666.itch.io/jerry-the-last-mini-unicorn

Silver Falchions

This is a book that I wrote and illustrated. It was a fun fantasy project made with a full cover and about 50 interior black and white illustrations.

A cradle of Magic

This is a comic book in the making, I am currently completing the second book. It's a personal hobby that keeps my creativity and art always at it's best.

Ion Starrider

This is a comic book that I am currently working on during my leisure time. I have a fascination with the art deco style and this story unabled me to research further in the subject while giving birth to a sci-fi universe.

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