Brawl Night - Logo

I designed the logo based on the fact that it's an action-horror beat'em up game. ''Brawl'' is made of stone, to represent a tombstone/old damage relics, while ''Night'' is stylized, slick, clawed and glowy to represent the danger. Which makes the contrast old/new very clear : you play an old horror style game but with a new twist.

Brawl Night - Concept arts

The Characters are a group of students who are cursed with different abilities.

Tasha Warren is the werewolf

River Assan is the gillman

Daniel Tuma is the vampire

Rey Mitsuko is the zombie

Those are some of the villains, they inhabit the Theater Noir

They are revenants working for Madame Morte

Madame Morte is a boss, she's a dead witch turned who founded a Burlesque show and owned a theater in the 1910-1920. Deceased she now possess the ability to steal young woman's corpse in order to get a new body.

I started to work on silhouette before making black and white pass and finally making a cleaner version of her look.

Those enemies are the first ones you encounter on the road to the theater. They are revenants made using native and demonic magic. Human or animals or both, they lurk near the road to protect their sanctuary.

Here is a background image used for the character selection screen.

© 2018 Gabrielle Regnier

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