I am a passionate artist who also happens to love gaming, cats, hockey and martial arts.

I have multiple diplomas:

- DEC in arts

- DEC in graphic design

- University certificate in Communication/Marketing

- AEC in 3d Animation for Video Games

- AEC in 3D modeling for Video Games

I have worked for numerous indie companies mostly for creating 2D assets. I am currently employed at pentagames.com, I've been their 2D artist and art director for the last 4 years on their successful Libo Bingo game.

I have been a mentor for young aspiring artist and professionally, I have been in charge of different project as a supervisor in graphic design department for different companies.

In my leisure time, I enjoy making comic books, creating small games in pixel art, making short B-Movies and playing indie games such as Owlboy, Ori and the blind Forrest and Outlast, 


© 2018 Gabrielle Regnier

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